Elite-Basic Membership

  1. You will get first posting of important Articles on newly approved medicines from the FDA, what they are, what they treat and why they are important.

  2. Ten percent discount on all video downloads.

  3. You will get first access to Videos on Medicines. This will include videos on how to remember your pills, videos about new FDA approvals and Emerging Essential Guide to Medical News Videos about possible new uses (FDA approved indications).

  4. You will have special access to discount coupons of 10-20% on certain new products as we create them.

  5. You will get the quarterly Essential Guide to Medical News True Breakthrough alert newsletters. This will be sent via email once True Breakthrough research, medicines, guidelines and medical products become published or are FDA approved.

  6. You can hop in and out of membership. You have the ability to opt in or opt out after a month, or continue on a monthly basis, change to a Platinum Plan or of course cancel (although we hope not). We try to be flexible. For example, you may only be especially interested in Heart News from the American Heart Association conference which happens every November. Join for the Elite Platinum Heart for November, reap the benefits, then change to the basic plan. While we are biased, we think membership on an ongoing basis makes sense, but it’s all up to you.